What's new?

This release introduces a major new feature for the game: difficulty levels. You can now select one of three difficulty levels for the Campaign (intermediate, hard, brutal).

We also implemented a score multiplier feature for the Survival level. There is a slider to multiply your score by up to 3x. Use it with caution as the game becomes more challenging as the multiplier grows.

Other improvements and bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug with the upgrades for the Vortex ability
  • Abilities can now be upgraded up to level 4 instead of 6
  • Changed the size of the swarm ghosts in relation to their multiplier
  • When ghosts are hit, they get a red or blue hint (based on whether they have armor)
  • The EMP disk color is now blue


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42 days ago
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42 days ago
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42 days ago

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